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Non Owner SR22 Insurance in Anaheim, California

Posted by on 16 May 2013 | Tagged as: Anaheim SR-22 Insurance, California Non Owner SR22, Non Owner SR22, SR22 Insurance

I live in Anaheim, California, and I was wondering if I have to buy California SR22 insurance even if I do not own a car?

Even if you do not own a car you are still required to purchase California SR 22 insurance. Without purchasing this type of insurance, you will not have your driver’s license re-instated and driving with a suspended license is illegal. Since you do not own your own vehicle, you will need to buy California non-owner SR 22 insurance.

Having a non-owner policy in Anaheim can cover the damage that you may cause using someone else’s vehicle. This type of SR-22 insurance provides you with liability insurance that can cover any car that you may drive. If you have an SR22 filing, then buying a non-owner policy is the best way for you to be able to drive legally again.

This type of California SR 22 insurance can be more expensive because the auto insurance company does not know what type of vehicle you will be driving. However, if you go online and do some comparison shopping you are guaranteed to find the cheapest rates. Comparing quotes between different auto insurance companies only takes a few minutes.

Some websites will even let you to compare quotes from many different companies at once. To be certain that you are finding the cheapest SR-22 rates you should compare at least 3 to 5 different quotes. Once you find the most affordable rate, you should go ahead and call the insurance company to ask any questions you may have and to set up your policy.

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