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Fremont SR22 Insurance Cost

Posted by on 21 Feb 2014 | Tagged as: California Auto Insurance, Cheap SR22 Insurance California, SR22 Insurance, Sr22 Insurance Rates

I live in Fremont, California, and I was notified by the California DMV that I need to get an SR22 filing. How much does SR22 insurance in California cost?

How much your SR-22 insurance premium will cost depends on a number of different factors. Auto insurance providers have a set of criteria that they use to determine a person’s insurance rates. This criteria can include but is not limited to gender, age, location, make and model of your vehicle, marital status, credit history, driving record, and coverage type.  If you are required to purchase California SR22 insurance, then you probably were convicted of a serious traffic offense like a DUI. Having major problems with your driving record can cause you to pay much higher auto insurance premiums than drivers with a perfect record.

To get a better idea of how much Sr22 insurance is going to cost you, you should compare quotes from at least 5 different auto insurance providers. You have the option of contacted local agents in the Fremont area, or you could do some research online. Almost every company offers an online quote form nowadays which can make it very simple to get SR22 quotes. This can make the process of shopping for insurance must faster! Set aside an hour or so to compare quotes from as many companies as possible. You might be surprised to find that one company can offer you a much cheaper rate.  This is why you should never just go with the first company you receive a quote from.  A little research will help guarantee that you get the lowest SR22 insurance rate possible.

Fremont SR22 Insurance Rates

How Much Will My Rates Increase?

Posted by on 08 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Sr22 Insurance Rates

If I get a DUI in California, how much will my auto insurance premium increase? What is the average price it goes up?

There isn’t one set amount that you car insurance rate will go up after getting a DUI. It depends on a number of different things like which car insurance company you are with and your previous driving record. Some auto insurance companies do not provide SR-22 insurance, so you may be forced to find a new insurance provider to get your SR-22 filing with. If you have had numerous insurance claims, accidents or tickets, your car insurance premium will increase more than if this is your first violation. On average, most people see an increase of about 30% after being convicted of a DUI and having to file for SR22 insurance.

You might not see a large increase if you have had a perfect driving record until now. If you have an extremely bad driving record your insurance company might decide to cancel your policy. You should contact your current insurance company to see exactly how much your rates will increase. You need to take care of your SR-22 filing requirement so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

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SR22 Insurance – Will My Rates Go Up?

Posted by on 25 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: Sr22 Insurance Rates

I was convicted of a DUI, and I need California SR22 insurance. Will my auto insurance rate go up?

Yes, your auto insurance rates will most likely increase after you get a DUI. Drinking and driving makes you a high risk driver in the eyes of the insurance company. Every insurance company is different, so some might charge you higher rates than others. Some companies might not even offer SR22 insurance coverage. If you need an SR22 filing, your insurance company might take away any special discounts you currently have such as the good student discount. This is another reason your rates might go up.

You might find that your insurance company will completely drop your policy once they find out you got a DUI, especially if you have a poor driving record. If that happens, you will have to find a new insurance company to get SR22 insurance through.

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California SR22 Insurance Costs

Posted by on 11 Jun 2008 | Tagged as: Sr22 Insurance Rates

I got a DUI, and I want to know how much California SR22 insurance costs?

It’s difficult to give you an exact amount because SR22 insurance costs vary from person to person. The insurance company will look at a number of different things to determine your SR22 premium such as your previous driving record, age, location, make and model of your car, gender, credit history, etc. The only way to determine how much your California SR22 will cost you is to call your insurance company or go online and check out a few free quotes. Make sure you compare quotes from 3-5 different insurance companies in order to find the cheapest rate available to you.

Insurance is not the only cost that you will incur either. There are a number of different fees and fines that you will have to pay in order to get your license reinstated after receiving a DUI. I recommend calling the California DMV to see what extra costs you will have to pay because it is a little bit different for each person depending on your offense.

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Sr22 Insurance Rates

Posted by on 22 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Sr22 Insurance Rates

Can I compare my current Sr-22 rate with other insurance companies that offer Sr-22?

Of course! It is always encouraged to compare your rates on a constant basis, this will keep your insurancecalifornia auto insurance company on their toes. Comparing your current rate when your policy is up for expiration/renewal is the best time to do it.  Just because your insurance company offered you the cheapest rate when you initially started your policy, doesn’t mean they are still the best.

The fastest way to get started comparing your rates is by going to The website will calculate your best rate in your area for free! Shopping online for SR22 auto insurance gives you the advantage of getting the best rates online, and will instantly save you hundreds of dollars in the long run!